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To best serve the needs of our clients we offer two services:

Project Based Financial Planning

Similar to how you may work with an accountant or contractor, project based financial planning is billed by services delivered. There is no membership or ongoing cost. It is a tailored to address the needs of your financial life. Pricing reflects the complexity, and each project will be treated as a separate service delivery. For financial planning down the road, we recommend periodic Financial Check-Ups.

Investment Management

Investment Management is for those who want a hands-off approach to investment management. We will work together to create a plan to manage your portfolio based on sound research.

Project Based Financial Planning

Cost estimates vary by complexity and can range from $1,000 to $5,000.

Most financial planning projects are from $1,200 to $3,000.

Financial Check-Ups and smaller projects are billed hourly.

Hourly Rate is $250

Project based financial planning will provide you with a documented plan to improve your finances.  The customized plan will outline steps to take going forward to optimize your financial future.

Project Based Financial Planning – What to Expect

Optional – Initial Chat:

We invite you to give us a call or schedule a 15-minute call to answer your questions and learn about our services to see if we are a good fit.

Schedule a Call

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Step 1

Get-Acquainted Meeting

Contact us directly to set up an in-person or virtual conversation where you’ll let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll share more about our services and our approach. To guide this conversation, we will ask you to fill out and submit a confidential questionnaire prior to our meeting.  There are no fees and no obligations for this introductory meeting.  After this meeting, if we’re a good fit to partner together you will receive a cost estimate for your project based financial plan.

Step 2

Gathering Information

To create your financial plan and analyze your objectives we will likely need additional information. We will outline what is needed based on your objectives. Protecting your information is a priority.  Please follow our emailed instructions for secure document submission.


Defining Your Goals and Strategy Meeting

As we review and process your information there may be a need to clarify information and your goals. With this information, your customized strategy options will be discussed.  Depending on individual circumstances, this meeting may take place over the phone, virtual or in-person.  


Plan Creation

At this point we’ll look at your situation closely and determine how best to achieve your goals and objectives. We’ll analyze your options and opportunities, creating a final report including our observations and an action plan for you to align your finances with your aspirations.


Plan Presentation Meeting

Together, we’ll go over our observations, financial plan and specific action steps. You’ll be able to ask any clarifying questions, and we’ll be available for questions as you implement the different elements of your plan. We recommend you promptly implement your plan and start checking off items from your financial to-do-list without delay. Payment of the financial planning service fee is due at this time.


Financial Check-Ups

As an established client, we recommend a financial checkup every 12-24 months or when something changes in your life. Think of a financial checkup as a shortened version of the above process, which is billed at our hourly rate. Financial Check-Ups are a valuable time to reflect and make adjustments as needed. We do not require financial checkups but recommend diligence in maintaining your financial priorities

Investment Management

For clients who prefer delegating the management of their portfolios, Boise River Financial Planning offers ongoing investment management services.   Many clients find benefit going through the project based financial planning process before proceeding to investment management services. 

We will work together to establish an Investment Policy Statement (IPS) to guide your investment decisions.  This policy is based on your preferences and needs for your investment portfolio.   Boise River Financial Planning will then manage the portfolio on your behalf at a custodian. 

To ensure integrity in the process, Boise River Financial Planning never has custody of client assets.  Your portfolio assets are always held at a separate custodian (such as Charles Schwab).  The custodian will provide you with online access and monthly statements directly to you.  This arrangement simply authorizes Boise River Financial Planning to initiate trades on your behalf. 

Pricing for Investment Management is a base charge plus an annual charge calculated on a percentage of the assets under management in the portfolio.

Base Annual Account Fee

$1000 to $3000


Assets Under Management Fee

0.50% under $1m
0.40% over $1m

Example: A client who has a single individual retirement account with assets of $500,000 would pay a base charge ($1,000) plus the asset under management fee (0.005% X $500,000 =$2,500) for a total of $3,500 annually.

Investment Management – What to Expect

Step 1

Discuss Investment Options and Investment Strategy

Contact Boise River Financial Planning directly or schedule a call for a no obligation meeting to learn how Boise River Financial Planning can help you manage your investments. We will share our investment philosophy and discuss how proper diversification, low-cost investing and risk management can affect returns.

Step 2

Create a Personalized Plan

Together we will create your Investment Plan Statement that will guide how your portfolio is managed.  This will reflect your investment goals and preferences and include your investing parameters.    The strategies behind your portfolio will be based on sound research.


Establish your Portfolio

We establish your accounts at a carefully selected custodian (such as Charles Schwab). Your personalized investment plan will be implemented according to your specifications.


Account and Investment Management

Boise River Financial Planning will regularly review your investments. Additionally, we will rebalance the investments in the accounts as required to align with the Investment Policy Statement.