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Our Philosophy

Foundations for Financial Planning:

At Boise River Financial Planning we believe there is so much more to financial health than an investment portfolio. Our process is designed to take you beyond investments to find your underlying goals, values and objectives.

Align finances with your values, goals and priorities.

  • To create a financial plan that applies to your life, it needs to reflect what is most important to you.
  • Financial goals can be abstract, however your priorities should align with your actions.
  • Saving and spending should reflect your priorities.

Make smart money decisions.

  • Professional advice can improve smart money decisions and reduce poor money decisions.
  • Minimize investment costs.  Unnecessary costs are a drag on your investments.  


  • Saving today is like paying your future self. Saving at an appropriate rate for your lifestyle will help provide stability now and into retirement.

Manage Risk

  • Appropriate use of insurance to protect against loss and the unexpected. 
  • Shopping wisely for the right insurance can greatly reduce cost.

Risk with Investing

  • Investment returns are the reward of taking risk. Managing risk appropriately starts with understanding how much risk you should take.

Manage Debt

  • Borrowing is an important resource for managing finances.
  • Debt comes with an implied pay off plan, choosing the right pathway forward can vary. 

Tax Management

  • Honest strategies for saving and investing in a tax efficient manner.
  • Smart tax management is important in retirement.


  • Objective analysis from a finance professional should yield valuable insights.
  • Advice should go beyond the products offered by many finance professionals.    

Plan for the future.

  • Creating a long-term plan gives you confidence in your decisions to enjoy spending today and saving for tomorrow.

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