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Simply . . . Boise River Financial Planning is designed to be a firm we would choose to work with ourselves or recommend to our friends and family.

We are committed to provide objective financial advice tailored to the individual, couple, or family, that gives them confidence in their financial decisions to create a stable financial future.

What are we about?

Making financial advice transparent and accessible.  Boise River Financial Planning has no minimums and is structured with the cost of our advice and services clearly defined.

Provide an alternative to the suits and ties trying to earn your confidence.  We are not here to posture.  Our systematic process is designed to put you in control of your financial future.

Our fiduciary commitment means we work for you.

About Bill Heyer

Sitting on the patio at my grandparent’s home on warm summer afternoons in Twin Falls, Idaho, my grandfather gave me my first introductions to finance.  As we watched the garden grow, he taught me about saving and investing, interest rates and dividends.  His approach to personal finance was simple, in nearly every lesson he would recite his personal finance philosophy. He’d say…

“When your outflow exceeds your intake, your upkeep becomes your downfall.”

– Royal Heyer

As a kid it made sense, but as I grew older I saw the many lessons from that bit of wisdom.  They are implied but simple:

  • You are responsible for your finances.
  • You generally have more control over your expenses.
  • Good finances don’t “just happen”.
  • Many enjoyable things in life come with upkeep and expenses.
  • Having money working for you is a good thing. 
  • Saving insulates you from risk.

My interest in managing finances was certainly shaped at a young age by my grandfather.  As a young adult, I quickly learned how many “financial helpers” are available to assist with their products and services.  This created an incentive to become a savvy consumer of these “financial products”.  Objectively studying transactions of buying homes, shopping for cars, saving and investing has driven me to separate feelings and emotion to find the best deals for my family. This curiosity and interest in all things financial has earned me the title as a financial guide for friends and family. 

After almost 20 years working for Fortune 500 companies (Stryker, Johnson and Johnson, and Lilly) in medical device and pharmaceuticals, I discovered a passion and a career pathway for helping others with their finances through financial planning.  I created Boise River Financial Planning as the type of firm that I wish I could have referred my friends and family to. 

Today, I find satisfaction helping others manage their financial future.  I enjoy seeing clients put intention and purpose behind their goals and values to help achieve their dreams.

More about Bill

I have a wonderful wife, two smart and hardworking boys, and the obligatory golden doodle.  Alyson and I met at the University of Idaho as we were both studying for our business degrees.  Our boys are identical twins and as parents of twins we are “into” whatever the kids are doing.  From downhill skiing, backpacking, to going to action movie releases we enjoy the phases of being parents.    

Growing up in Twin Falls and going to high school in Pocatello, I feel I “know” Idaho pretty well.  Idaho is where we choose to raise our family and we do our best to enjoy all it has to offer.

Like many, I feel energized by being outside.  Living near the Boise Greenbelt, I get my dose of being outside by going for a run or a bike ride- in the summer it may be a paddleboard.  In winter, we enjoy downhill skiing at our local ski mountain, Bogus Basin.

As a family we enjoy traveling.  Fortunately, Alyson has mastered the “art” of using reward points to make it happen.  We threw away the advice of travel experts saying “Don’t take your kids to Europe”, and have taken our kids to Europe on two occasions.  Instead, we choose to teach our kids to be flexible, pack light, carry their own suitcase, and be patient during travel delays….I like to think there are some good life lessons in there as well.    

About Alyson Heyer

Alyson Heyer, CPA

Director of Finance and HR

As the Director of Finance and Human Resources, Alyson makes sure things run smoothly at Boise River Financial Planning.

“As finances are a complex part of our lives, it’s great being part of a solution that helps families successfully manage their finances, bringing them a sense of freedom.”

Being a finance professional, Alyson believes it is important for people to feel secure in their financial choices and decisions.

Alyson holds a BS in Accounting from the University of Idaho and holds a CPA license in the state of Idaho.

Outside of work, you can find Alyson cooking one of her many culinary specialties, traveling someplace fun, or on the patio with her goldendoodle sipping a glass of Pinot Noir.

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