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Intention and purpose for your financial future.

Every decision is a step forward in your financial future.  Take each step with confidence.

Our Foundation for Objective Financial Advice


We work as a fiduciary. This simply means we are pledged to put your interests first with objective advice.

Clearly Outlined Costs

Our “Fee Only” structure means we work only for you.

No Commissions and No Product Sales.

We give you objective advice without conflict of interest.


Financial planning involves many dynamic elements of life. “One size fits all” solutions shouldn’t exist when it comes to financial planning. We work together to identify your unique goals and situation to create a unique plan that works for you.

“Hi, I’m Bill,

Whether you want to improve your finances or you’re facing important decisions, I enjoy bringing a fresh perspective to your financial future.


I’m here to serve families through easy-to-understand language, a fiduciary commitment to your goals, and an enjoyable, gratifying process.


I want to give you the confidence to manage your finances so you can stop worrying and spend more energy on what you enjoy.”

We help with…

Retirement Decisions

Planning for and transitioning to retirement is a process full of important decisions.


Simplify to manage complexity and gain perspective on your financial future.

Investment Strategy

Unbiased advice for your unique situation based on sound research.

Second Guessing

Having a financial plan helps avoid the tiresome worrying that add to the stress of managing a household.

It’s time.

Capture Opportunities

There are financial opportunities in every season of life. Optimizing taxes and savings will change with your income level and season of life.

Confident Path Forward

Many people want to do more to improve their finances, but get stuck in the process.  Defining a clear process forward provides focus to get things done.

Be Prepared

Financial planning can help protect your family from unexpected expenses. Successful planning needs to have an inherent level of flexibility.

A Proven Process…

Managing personal finances can be an exhausting game of second guessing and wondering where to start. The financial planning process is a systematic approach to addressing the issues that matter most to you.

Creating a financial plan brings together the pieces that determine your financial future. Many appreciate the collaborative process to create a path forward that can be used to evaluate whatever life throws at us.

Find your financial blind spots.  Many have a sense of uncertainty about their finances that centers around “you don’t know what you don’t know”.   and worrying about “financial blind spots”.  Financial planning can help those who don’t want to think about their finances as well as those who read consumer finance books but need some assistance in the process.

The benefit to our clients goes beyond their perceived immediate need.  Many times, clients find an even greater benefit in areas they haven’t even considered.  Through optimizing their current situation to exposing and fixing financial blind spots, many find peace of mind and value in an increased sense of financial resilience.

What are your questions?

Lets talk.  Feel free to reach out or schedule a call with Boise River Financial Planning.

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